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Re: [IP] Nasty hypo guy (me) scares his gal. Here's her email:

A suggestion that Mia might like to try (if it happens again) is to hand you
something to eat and say 'Here, eat [drink] this.'  When I was on MDI and
experiencing out-of-it lows, anything in the nature of a question was too
complicated for my glucose-starved brain to handle.  E.g., Are you low?
Should you test your blood?  Are you OK?  Do you need to eat?

ANYTHING that ended with a question mark started me wasting time trying to
analyze my physical state and/or getting angry at the person for their
unreasonable assumption that something was wrong, just because I was
insisting that they were a dragon, or had nobody home when they looked in my
eyes, etc.

Commands seem rude, I know, but my sister and I both respond better when
hypo when just ordered to do something.  Surprisingly, with the two of us,
the tone of voice did not make us mad -- although in our right minds it
certainly would.

Of course, YMMV.  I'm glad you feel bad about being nasty to Mia -- it means
you are a basically thoughtful and nice guy -- but try not to over-stress
about it.  This episode does not make you a batterer, any more than mine
meant I was permanently psychotic.

Hope this helps.
Kathy Trondsen

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