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[IP] Ancestry

How many of you type 1's on this list is of skandinavian ancestry? In
 >particular Sweden and Finland. I read some Diabetes fact and the incidence
 >of type 1 per population is much higher in the scandinanvian countries. Just
 >wondered if it meant you werre more likely to develop type 1 if you were
 >from there. My parents are Swedish and I'm a type 1.
I have heard this about Scandinavians also but never knew whether or not
it was true. Just like I have heard that Hispanics are more prone to
type 2. Just for the record, my family is primarily Scandinavian, no
hispanic, and we have several type 2's. Shane's family is primarily not
Scandinavian, no hispanic, and they have several type 1's...

I too read that study. Of you look at type I diabetics we have a specific 
hapolotype DRQ, DR3 and other similar combination these are blood cell 
antigens which are the weak link in the immunity chain and one of the 
reasons for hasimoto's dz as well as T1 IDDM. I think that this haplotype 
may be more prevalent in Finland and Sweden. I'm a black russian but my 
parents link to Poland and the origins of my family date to the inquisition 
and Spain. So, I supose I'm really quite Hispanic. My type 1 cousin comes 
from similar stock except she has lots of Polish blood. My dad and her dad 
had type 2. Her mom had type 2 my mom  had no diabetes in her family they 
were from the Bialystock region of White Russia which prior to Annexation 
was part of Poland. Traveling East thru Poland you used to change trains at 
Brest-Litovsk at the  Russian frontier Which is part of another long but 
funny story. Analyzing your haplotype is costly but if you are a bone 
marrow donor, its part of the workup.
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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