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Re: [IP] Disetronic UltraFlex

Jenny wrote:

<<Roselea, what do they look like and how are they different from Sils?>>

They go straight-in 90 deg. like a Rapid, but the disconnect like a Sil and
they have the teflon cannula which stays in rather than the needle like the
Rapid. I'm excited about them, since I think it will make it easier to use
some backside sites with the UltraFlex that I can't reach using the
Tender/Sils. Oh, and the tubing reconnects on either side, you don't have to
have the reconnector with the right side up to hook back on like you have to
do with the Tender/Sils.

<<What didn't you like about the size and shape? Is it bigger than the
H-Tron Plus?>>

It's almost an inch longer and 1/4 inch thicker.  It's wider at one end than
it is at the other and the bolus button just has a little raised dot in the
middle rather than the whole raised button like the H-Tron Plus.  I couldn't
feel the button through my sweatshirt, so if I had it in my bra, for
instance, it would take some getting used to and searching to find the bolus
button without seeing it.  I thought the menuing system was a little
confusing for me, since I've grown accustomed to the picture system on the
H-Tron Plus.  It wasn't like a written out menu, but you push the menu
button to get different "pages" to program things.  You can adjust the
volume of the beeps, but it always vibrates when you give boluses.

<<I'm with you on liking the 2-pump deal. I love having 2. I know
people who take "pump vacations," but I'm not one of them. :-)>>

I'm with you on the pump vacations.  For me, having the pump is like a
vacation.  I've finally gained the freedom and flexibility that I never had
with MDI and I don't have to stick myself numerous times per day.

RoseLea (and Max)

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