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[IP] scare for the day

Well, this is not directly D related, but is sort of related to a thread
on driving we had several days ago...
I just returned from picking Shane up at the body shop, where he called
me from. He was in an accident. He was not low, he had just checked
before getting in the car. It was not his fault (the other driver was
ticketed, Shane was not). He is not hurt, and neither is the other
driver. Both cars are pretty smashed up though (both little Toyotas). He
just now did a BG (2 hours after the accident) and it was 96. If it had
been me in the accident I'm sure I would've been really stressed out
about it, and we all know what stress can do to BGs...
What is my point/how does this relate to anything? The police said Shane
could not have avoided the accident. So IF we lived in a state requiring
him to disclose to the DMV that he is diabetic, and IF he had failed to
do so (thinking that he could avoid people who cause accidents), he
might no longer have a license and we might be getting to pay the car
repair bill ourselves.  Of course it is a hassle to fill out that stupid
paperwork, and of course it is a hassle to check your BG before you
drive. But PLEASE, do both, so that your scary day can end as well as
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