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[IP] 100 to 150 ?

I'm quoting this from 
The highlight is mine and it means one doesn't use a goal of 100 to 150. 
Maybe I'm worng. Is 151 "symptomatic" or "near-normal"? I think its both. 
Well sory for the near-help.

normally regulated by shifts in the balance between the effects of insulin 
and the opposing effects of glucagon (in the liver) and the adrenergic 
autonomic nervous system. These counterregulatory mechanisms are 
independently regulated and normally increased during fasting, exercise, and 
other conditions that require protection against hypoglycemia. Insulin doses 
must be adequate to deal with a sudden increase in counterregulatory 
mechanisms and to prevent rapidly developing symptomatic hyperglycemia and 
hyperketonemia, but this frequently produces transient plasma insulin excess.

Many of these patients improve when switched to a modified multiple 
subcutaneous insulin regimen that provides most of the daily insulin as 
rapid-acting insulin in daily adjusted dosages before each meal, with some 
intermediate-acting insulin in the morning, before the evening meal, or at 
bedtime. The aim is not to maintain the diurnal plasma glucose level in a 
near-normal range but to stabilize the fluctuations in a range that prevents 
symptomatic hyper- and hypoglycemia.
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