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[IP] Violent Cranky Lows

Some lows are uglier than others. Last night, my bg was 58 before sleep and
I had a couple glucose tabs, thought I was fine and lied down. Well, I
couldn't sleep becuase I kept thinking about my husbands previous marriage
when he was very young,  a minor and silly source of insecurty for me, and
started asking questions and driving him nuts, which only made me feel worse
and more insecure. After an hour of serious conversation, I decided I'd try
to sleep again and tested my sugar, but I could barely move. He held my
finger still for me and I was at 32. I ran out of tabs so he ran downstairs
for juice and I just lied there and cried becuase I wasn't hungry becuase my
stomach was full from desert still and it hurt and I refused to drink the
juice when it arrived a minute later. I tried giving the cat my orange juice
(Sidney would not drink it) and he decided to use hypo logic ":you need to
drink the juice for the cat". I managed half the glass and he drank the rest
for me. But when he tried to feed me my last tab, I hauled off at him, hit
his shoulder and then shoved him away, fortunately he's twice my weight and
over a foot taller than me and so he wasn't injured, in fact, he didn't even
feel it luckily. It turns out my stomach pains were cramps and I wasn't
aware of it. So combine PMS and hypos for a fun night. This morning my
husband was worried as I slept in late and made me test, I was at 40 again
and had my period.. He realized I couldn't control it (even with tweaked
basals) despite my profuse apologies to him for trying to hurt him and
refusing to eat. The good thing is, he still loves me and is laughing about
me trying to absorb OJ by osmosis by clinging to the cat:)

Randi "Pixie" Bruner
GSA Bete

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