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[IP] Dumb Lows

Although the pump has seriously reduced the frequency and intensity of my 
lows, my staff and coworkers (great people) have developed some tricks to 
find out if I have a low approaching.  Some can tell because I have a 
"subtle" personality change ( from bad attitude to nasty) but they say those 
clues are like reading somebodies body language - if you haven't read the 
book you don't know the message.  Being an engineer by trade and occupation, 
I have a knack with numbers - 2 digit multiplication in my head is almost 
automatic.  BG gets below 90, math sense disappears(instant lobotomoy). So if 
they are in doubt, they'll ask something like "Whats 41 times 12." If 492 
doesn't come as an answer in a couple of seconds, time to feed the boss some 
orange juice - Bob

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