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[IP] desired range

Natalie wrote 
>  that 80 - 200 is the range I aim for anyway -- there's no way I can
>  IMAGINE aiming for 100 - 150, because I can't even always 
> achieve the 80 - - 200!!
>  What do YOU aim for? 

I AIM for 100-150...I am HAPPY if I get 80 - 200.  When I suggested she 
broaden her target range, I htought maybe she was stressing her self out 
aiming for super tight control, and hitting her head against the wall when 
she was OUT of that range...ie 99, or 151, would be out of range for 
me.....If she BROADENED her range to 80 - 200, then that gives her and me a 
LOT more "play..."  I won't smack myself if I am 189 or 199....thus taking 
some pressure of.

I AIM for 100-150.  That means I take correction boluses, AIMING for that 
targe.  I AIM to wake up between those two numbers.  A target range is a 
GOAL.  It does not mean it is always hit.  SO yes, I am VERY successful of 
having a TARGET of 100-150...NOT so successful at actually hitting it 24/7.  
But it doesn't cause me undue mental stress.  Someone as fragile as Ashley 
might need a BROADER target range, so that when she hits 187, it isn't as 

get the picture, the point, the idea...the "target" of my post?

Sara SP
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