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[IP] Dumb Lows

SNIP>>>>>>>>Well, it feels better to have said this.  Can any of you relate
to that
stubborness and 'dumbness' when it comes to lows?   I am my own worst enemy
when they happen and I don't recognise it or deny it!!!!!!

I hope you will get to hear of some of the delightful stories of our pumpers
and their Denial / Dumb  / Stubborn Low behavior.   There are some
hysterical laughs that only "us" can relate to.   When I am going low
somehow my brain says "finish this first"....and I keep saying to myself, "I
feel a low, but let me just get to the bottom of this paper, or let me
finish sanding this one area of wood, or finish sweeping the porch (or
whatever) and I will get something to eat.......".  I don't know what it
is....I let myself go really low, shaking, stumbling, sweating, mind numbing
low, before I stagger to the fridge for OJ and a granola bar.   Then I have
to just sit and stare for 15-20 minutes before I can move again.   If my
daughter is around, she will catch it before me and I will treat it.  But if
I am working by myself, something else happens.  

Now this is only when I am at home or the office.  Anywhere else, driving,
shopping, etc., Thank God, I seem to have the sense to pop a glucose tab or
two, test and eat accordingly.   Have  no idea about why this happens....

Now let's hear from Sara's Walmart Sock shopping episodes....and other great
pumpers low stories.   


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