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Re: [IP] Nasty hypo guy

I have never had to deal with someone else having a hypo, but my family has
told me about mine and i'm glad i don't remember them.  One year i walked
into the Christmas tree carrying my blowdryer, my mom asked me what i was
doing, i said drying my hair, so i refused to eat or drink anything.  The
scariest of all was the time my mother couldn't get me to wake up (i don't
remember this, this is what my sister told me about it because my mom won't
talk about it) she kept shaking me and shaking me till finally i answered
her.  She knew something was wrong so she got some juice for me, and that's
when it got scary.  I hit the juice out of her hand and started to fall back
to sleep my mom started shaking me again and i started to hit and kick her,
i was about 17 or 18 so i could have really hurt her.  I was calling her
names like a F#$king B*&tch, and i love my mother, and i kept telling her i
was going to kill her if she didn't leave me alone.  I'm far from a violent
person, i'm far from being a mean person, i don't know where all this anger
came from.  Anyway she had to call my dad at work to have him come back
home.  I also called him name and was hitting and kicking him, my sister
told me he finally had to punch me to calm down.  He had to sit ontop of me
so my mom could get some icing in my mouth.  My dad said it was like i had
superpowers, and my father is a strong man.  So that just goes to show how
bad a person can get during a hypo.  After that my parents finally started
to understand that when i would start to get mouthy with them that usually
my sugar was going low.  That was about 7 years ago and has never happened
since, but my family keeps warning my husband to watch out for those signs.
I know that had to be the worst thing in the world for my mother to go
through, and i felt so bad about what happened, i still do, but she
understands that it wasn't me and i didn't know what was going on.  I think
the best thing to have in the house, always, is a glucagon kit.  We had one
when all this happened but it expired two years previously.  So ever since
that day we always check to make sure that it hasn't expired.  It takes a
strong (emotionally strong) person to be able to deal with someone who is in
a state such as that.  I can't even begin to tell you how to handled it
because i don't know, i've never had to deal with it.  Just remember that
when the blood sugar is low it causes us to do things we would normally
never do!  And i wish the two of you all the luck in the future!

Carrie M.
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From: "Peter Hayes" <email @ redacted>
> If any of you can relate to what it's like to see the person you love turn
> into a low blood sugar monster, and can offer any words of reassurance or
> advice to my wonderful girlfriend

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