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[IP] Sil and Sof-sets

Gordon asks about the pros and cons of infusion sets.  Although I'm a new 
pumper (on my 4th week) I spend a week testing a variety of products because 
I kept having skin reactions (itching, burning and red rashes).  I too 
responded to IV 3000 and am now using Bard.  I was told by a minimed clinical 
rep that I could wash with dial and use no skin prep but I had trouble with 
the set sticking.  I've used both the Sil and Sof-sets and have settled on 
the Sil because 1)I don't react to that as much, and 2) it has a much softer 
tape area that sticks well.  It takes a while to get comfortable with its 
insertion.  If anyone else has had problems with skin reactions, any clues on 
how to deal with them - especially when the site is still in.  I've found 
Calmospetine ointment is very helpful once the set is off but am not sure how 
to deal with itching while the set is still on.  Jill Tiffany, Peaks Island 
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