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Re:[IP] Desired ranges and Hypo

My best day on record (for the past month) is 66 to 179. I think 80 to 220 is 
a reasonable goal for me but I don't think in those terms. However I have 
fasted with truely excelent blood sugars.. was about 80 to 120. That was 
during my nine day fast. There was no exercise or food messing up my blood 
sugars. I just tuned my basal rates as they dropped. I'd do it again but when 
I broke my fast I had to sleep. Sleep a scary lot. Also I don't want to miss 
New subject: The worst reactions are the ones that keep you awake at night 
and give your thoughts a fresh perspective. Although acting like a helpless 
bafoon in public comes close. Seriously the worst is during exercise.
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