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Re: [IP] Nasty hypo guy (me) scares his gal. Here's her email:

Hi Peter:

After reading your post, I know how you feel!!  I got my pump last Dec. and 
am so happy to have it.  I think it has saved my mariage of almost 20 years.

I was suffering from a lot of lows for about 3 years , some of them very 
severe and my kids or usually my wonderful husband would save me since I 
didn't know I was low until it was too late.  Many times I would get 
difficult to deal with.  Especially at night when my husband would wake me 
and I would be dreaming things that I thought were really happening. ( Anyone 
else have this while they were low?) Then I would think he was part of the 
bad guys in the dream.  Oh, Not Good!!! 

Anyway, I know that having this pump has really helped.  He tells me it is 
nice to have ME back now.

Please tell Mia to hang in there.  You too.  Hopefully soon none of us will 
have to put our loved ones through these things.

Take care,   Greta
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