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[IP] Fwd: silhouette vs sof-set

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I would like to get opinions from those of you how have used both the sof-set 
and the sil. I have seen that a lot of you like the sof-set because it is 
easy to put in with the sof serter I've got one but have not tried it yet. I 
just started pumping last week and I chose to use the sil because of the 4" 
pig tail on the sof set and it is a little hard to get in. Now I was told at 
a support group by a mm rep that they will soon have a sof set that will 
disconnect at the site  like the sil. I also tried to ware the sil alone with 
out the iv-3000 tape stuff because it makes me itch at the site is there 
something better than the iv-3000 I could use. thanks 


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