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Re: [IP] Nasty hypo guy (me) scares his gal. Here's her email:

Hey, Peter

I have had very similar experiences with lows and my wife. I don't think I 
ever did any thing physically but I do know that I would refuse to take juice 
or something to eat from her. Like Mia she has become so good at detecting 
low she knows it before I do sometimes and you know when you are low you are 
a different person. I think it made me mad that she knew I was low before me. 
Once she was trying to get me to eat a sandwich and drink some juice I denied 
that any thing was wrong left the house got in my car and drove of I was very 
lucky not to have hurt someone or my self. Driving down the road I knew she 
was right pulled in to a BK and got a shake and some fries and to this day 
still have not apologized or told her she was right. All this happened when 
two years ago before the pump while on NPH & R.

hope this helps a little Gordon

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