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Re: [IP] changing the set

On 18 Oct 00, at 14:05, Maura Orloff wrote:

>    I'm wondering how to people handle changing the set when they are
> not at home? I can't picture doing it in a public restroom or in the car
> since I mostly use my buttocks as a site. It seems like you have to spread
> out and you would need an office or a room where you could close the door.
> I'm thinking if I'm on campus or a conference or if I stay with a friend
> who doesn't have a guest room where would I do it? I don't think it would
> happen regularly but if something went wrong. . .  How do people handle
> this? - Maura

I've changed my sites in several places, including hotel rooms, borrowed 
offices (many of my regular changes are done in my office at work anyway 
because of the timing), first aid stations (many industrial facilities have an 
infirmary/trauma first aid center with several exam rooms - they're usually 
kept neat and clean and may even have a sharps box), restrooms at 
churches...  after a while you get to the point where it only takes about five 
to ten minutes to do a site change and you can do them just about anywhere 
that is reasonably clean and private...  and just like testing your bg, if you 
don't get excited it's highly likely that nobody else will either.  A couple of 
months ago I did a set change in my doctor's office.  Some of the nurses 
who work there hadn't seen a set change and since I was going to see the 
doctor and it was the day to change the set I took the stuff with me.  That 
was interesting - a set change with an audience isn't all that unusual for me, 
though.  One of my sons helps with my changes - he counts down for me to 
push the button on the SoftSerter, removes the tack needle (he does a very 
good job with that!), and he likes to put the IV3000 or Tegaderm on the 
site too.  

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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