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Re: [IP] Nasty hypo guy (me) scares his gal. Here's her email:

I haven't been through anything quite like you're going through.  I'm 
fortunate that I haven't had many hypos yet, and not that severe 
AND I haven't gotten that cranky.  The closest thing in my 
experience is my PMS.  I get hypersensitive and much more 
combative.  It's taken my husband two years to be aware of it and 
not take it personally.  He also knows that he can't tell me it's 
PMS cuz that just makes it worse.  heh. He has to wait until I 
come to my senses and realize for *myself* that I'm being PMS-y

The comment you made about how when you were alone you'd 
*eventually* stop staring at the juice and go ahead drink it....  I 
imagine that on her side of the story, she gets a bit panicky about 
it and wants you to take care of it NOWNOWNOW and so she 
gets in your face about it (gently and lovingly, perhaps, but still in 
your face).  Perhaps she doesn't have confidence that you really 
will eventually stop staring at the juice and drink it.

Perhaps, she doesn't have confidence that if you DO pass out, that 
SHE will be able to take care of it.  Has she had any training in 
how to deal with a passed-out diabetic?  Perhaps if you and she 
could go see your CDE or endo *together* and work out precisely 
how to handle it if you pass out (with a glucagon injection that 
*she's practiced on you ahead of time* with saline or some other 
method that the CDE/endo recommends), she might not have as 
much reason to panic and then may be able to wait it out.

If my assumptions about her feeling unconfident are correct, then 
having a clear cut method of what to do in the worse case scenario 
would make it possible for her to: suggest that you're hypo, then 
bring you your tablets and juice, set them nearby (NOT HANDING 
THEM TO YOU) and then just step back and watch from a 
distance and wait.  

Or maybe step WAY back and keep repeating "You're HYPO 
DRINK YOUR JUICE" until it sifts through the cranky-cloud.

After a few times of waiting it out and seeing that you really will 
eventually drink the juice, her panic may begin to subside.

Like I said, I don't have any personal experience with this.  I'm just 
remembering a time when I woke up in the middle of the night once 
when I had a bad chest cold, and my throat muscles spasmed and 
blocked my breathing.  my partner tried to help, but I pushed him 
away and in my mind I was thinking, "it's going to be ok, if I pass 
out, my muscles will relax and then I'll start breathing again".  And 
it seems to me that if she could remind herself that eventually, 
SHE would be in control of the situation and would then be able to 
administer the glucose, maybe some of the panic would subside 
and she could more easily back off and wait.

Also, as today's discussions of death from hypo are reminding 
*me* of, it's not the passing out that does it.  It appears to me that 
the death happens because no one's there to take care of it *in 
time*.  And if she's there with you and knows how to handle it, the 
"absolute worst case" won't happen.

I'm new at this so I could be wrong, but I thought I'd say this 

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