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[IP] Thanks

Thanks to everyone who has responded to my cry for help.  It really helps to 
know that I am not alone.  I guess what I really need is support with my 
retinopathy.  I just had a massive laser to the left and a vitrectomy to the 
right and fluid has built up in my center vision so I can't see out of the 
center of my eyes......can't complete my master's, can't read, can't see 
detail.  It is frusterating, but hopewfully the fluid will go away in time.  
I reversed the terrible neuropathy and kidney damage with the control that 
the pump has given me and I hope my eyes take the same path.  If anyone has 
any stories, experiences, or good news, I eould really appreciate it if you 
could e-mail me at email @ redacted  I can't always read the whole digest, 
it really strains my eyes and hurts my head.
Thanks again,
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