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Re: [IP] Routine and highs and lows

At 04:47 PM 10/19/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Well, it feels better to have said this.  Can any of you relate to that
>stubborness and 'dumbness' when it comes to lows?   I am my own worst enemy
>when they happen and I don't recognise it or deny it!!!!!!

Can I ever!  I have always felt that diabetes was particularly difficult in 
that it causes my wits to leave me just when I need them the most.  In 
fact, when I need to educate people about how to recognize a low I usually 
tell them that I start to act really, really stupid when I'm low.  I will 
also vehemently deny being low and stubbornly refuse any food that's 
offered me.

I wondered about that behavior for a long time.  I think what's going on is 
that since my brain's not really up to making a decision one way or the 
other I act out of sheer habit.  I have spent the majority of my life 
_refusing_ to eat sweet things at all costs.  So that's what I do when I'm low.

I found it helps to agree on a key phrase.  Then when someone uses that 
phrase I usually realize there's something wrong and either do a test or eat.


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