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[IP] Fw: [diabetes-l] Keep track of diabetes with FREE diabetic software

OK, I just got this after the other letter read that this is usable in palm
Jenny Sutherland

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Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2000 11:00 AM
Subject: [diabetes-l] Keep track of diabetes with FREE diabetic software

> Thought you should see this. Perhaps individuals in your network who
> normally cannot afford this type of diabetic software can now get a
> copy free...
> (((((((( Free Diabetic --- Diabetes Software))))))))))))
> Great News! 1,500 FREE copies (approximately $125,000 worth) of the
> new HealthKeeper Pro beta (our best new diabetic nutrition, fitness,
> diet and health software ever) are available free for you and your
> friends! (It will retail for $70-$100 dollars when the beta
> program is over.) We do not think the available 1,500 copies will
> last long because of what is in it (see below) so get your copy or
> tell your friends now!
> If you are a Diabetic wanting to better manage your diet, symptoms
> and/or insulin levels, this software tracks all insulins and oral
> agents and will help with weight loss if necessary. It contains
> low glycemic diabetic meal plans, low glycemic diabetic recipes, the
> largest listings of glycemically acceptable and unacceptable foods
> (about 800 + foods) and sugar content in foods currently available.
> It will track the glycemic ratings of what you eat using the White
> Bread, Glucose or Glycemic Research Institute glycemic rating
> systems. It has automatic carbohydrate gram counting as well as
> blood glucose tracking. It will also record weight, blood pressure,
> exercise, and automatically track all food intake. It calculates daily
> caloric need and caloric expenditure and works with Type 1 or 2
> diabetes.
> It also has meal planning, an exchange converter, and it prints
> professional reports for you and your doctor that track daily
> interaction of food, blood sugars, medications, insulin, and exercise.
> More about the other Features of this free software:
> The HealthKeeper Pro will maximize diet, weight loss, nutrition,
> fitness, & health. It includes everything needed to lose weight and
> keep it off. It is the Only software (besides our Health-RunR
> software line) licensed to use the new fat loss enhancing low-glycemic
> food research of the Glycemic Research Institute. It records and
> analyzes all food and alcohol intake in 20 nutrient detail. It tracks
> grams, glycemic food ratings, prescriptions, medications, herbs and
> vitamins. It tracks ALL exercises, including the calorie burn-off
> rates and all other effective exercise factors. It has a dieter's
> calorie balancer which tells you on a 7-day trend how many calorie
> debits or credits you have and it creates hard copy planners to help
> you stay on your program when you are away from your computer. It is
> a kitchen aide, recording recipes, analyzing recipe nutritional
> content and creating shopping lists. It has a meal planner and built
> in meal plans. Comes with a 10,000 food database. It checks and
> graphs your nutritional or exercise progress with detailed
> professional level reports. It compares different recipes and foods.
> It even tracks water, coffee, tea intake, blood pressure, pulse,
> cholesterol, blood glucose and insulin. It also provides complete
> diet, nutrition and exercise support for health and medical
> rehabilitation or management for conditions such as heart disease,
> diabetes, cancer, liver disease, aids, aging, pregnancy, occupational
> injuries, etc. and comes with a 10,000 food database. With CD it
> provides 200 megs of weight loss and health tools for personal or
> family use and it can boost the results of any popular diet or
> fitness program. It uses US and Metric measurements.
> You can even use any computer or device (PDA, cell phone pager) that
> connects to the Internet to keep your program up-to-date using our
> HealthKeeper Anywhere feature.
> The new HealthKeeper Pro software version 3.0 is completely new
> product and the result of 5 years of user suggestions for new
> features and improvements. Although it is our Professional
> version it is designed for the mass market and is easy enough for
> beginning computer users. Its screens do not look anything like the
> screens in our Health-RunR Performance Diet software line.
> Individuals who have used our Health-RunR Performance Diet
> software will have to relearn how to navigate through a completely
> different program with many new features.
> Some things to know before getting a copy:
> 1. During beta testing the new HealthKeeper Pro beta version cannot be
> installed on any computer that already has a copy of any of our
> Health-RunR software versions.
> 2. At the end of the beta program all participants will be eligible
> receive between $170 - $250 worth of this new registered program free.
> 3. During the beta program you also receive absolutely free the
> Performance Diet Online e-diet package, 3 diet ebooks, 6 MP3 tapes
> and 5 years of online diet support to help insure that you are
> successful in reaching your health, appearance and performance goals.
> If you are interested in a FREE beta copy for you or a friend, go to
> http://www.health-runr.com/beta/30signup.htm and follow the
> step-by-step downloading instructions.
> If you want all the information on the features of this new product
> line, go to http://www.health-runr.com/beta/betadetails.htm for all
> the details.
> For more information on our older Health-RunR diabetic software line
> go to http://www.health-runr.com/diabeticsoftware.htm
> Eat Well, Look Good, Be Healthy!
> The HealthKeeper Pro Design Team
> email @ redacted
> www.health-runr.com
> p.s. Feel free to forward this email to your friends following proper
> net etiquette.

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