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[IP] Routine and highs and lows

It seems that whenever I change my snug little routine, I end up with some
surprises.  This past week, my cousin was visiting from Georgia and on
Tuesday evening I prepared dinner for 14 people.  Because I was so involved
with the work of presenting the food, etc.  I ate very little.  Took my
usual bolus and then worried that perhaps it may have been too much.  By bed
time, my sugar was at 440 but, the probable reason was that I also began
having symptoms of a UTI( I think it came about with all the stress).   I
have medication for that now and am feeling better.

But, since Tuesday, my readings have been all over the place.  3 AM this
morning, I got up and tested and was at 36.  The scariest part of that is
that with hypo unawareness, I had no idea, felt alert and fine(well, I was
perspiring some, hair rather soaked to the ends, but my first thought was I
was warm) and so thank myself for having the sense to test.  That is because
when I go so low, I never think it is a low.  It is as if I get 'stupid' and

I took two sugar tabs and ate a yogurt.  When I got up at 5:45, it was at
260.  I am still working to get it settled.  I know that when I have had a
couple of days of my own routine that everything will just settle in
normally again.  I just feel frightened a bit that I am not more sensitive
to the lows, like last night.

Well, it feels better to have said this.  Can any of you relate to that
stubborness and 'dumbness' when it comes to lows?   I am my own worst enemy
when they happen and I don't recognise it or deny it!!!!!!


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