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[IP] public changeouts

now i know you would all expect miss smarty pants to have done it on the 
subway, or standing on a fence inthe center of times square.....but actually, 
i can not "do it" when someone is watching!  and by "do it" i refer to poking 
a needle into me.  I could not give an injection when someone was watching 
and ca't put in a site if there are people around who might be able to see.  
My skintightens up (kinda like Denise was describing the other day with her 
cat), and a pneumatic drill wuld not pierce my skin, let alone that flimsey 
introducer needle.

I can test my blood anywhere, and am not to shy to dig the tubing out of my 
underwear and track it up to the site haulingup my shirt in the process to 
see if the  site is ok, in fact at our pump meeting, someone didnt know what 
a sil wuz, so i unbuttoned my pants and pulled my shirt up to show her....

but I ain't doing the pokey pokey in public...not that I am saying you 
SHOULDN'T, but even Sara SP can't do SOME things...I WOULD if I COULD, but I 
CAN'T so I DON'T.  I hve done it in the bathroom at Disneyworld and in 
airports MANY times, but usually in a stall where no one can make my skin get 

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