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[IP] Dr. Joe's e-news for 10/19/00

Pumpers & Friends
      Yes, I do and I have ever since my heart stopped from having a very low blood sugar(it was so low the first draw they didn't see and reaction, second was 10).
" Everyone fears hypoglycemia.  It sure is an awful feeling.  I volunteered for a test while I was in fellowship at UCSF that had me take enough intravenous insulin to quickly bring my glucose down to 10 mg.  I was not a happy camper.  Nothing was given to raise the glucose, it was supposed to rise to normal without any help.

I lived through it."

  Yes, you did but are you or the test volunteers have diabetes?

"The fear of death is very real for many people while using insulin.  I only know of one death that resulted from a small child going through the same testing that I did, but never during treatment for diabetes."

        Then  tell me what happen to me, as I was in the hopsital on IV insulin, I was telling RN that I was dropping, she when to see MD and to get orders. I pulled out the IV to stop the insulin, then I had a seizure, she return found me on floor with no heart beat, started CPR didn't work until they pushed D-50 four of them!!

"A patient a Yale University was recently told that you cannot die from hypoglycemia while treating for diabetes.  This seems to be true.  I have seen people in hypoglycemic coma for 12 to 24 hours and awaken without difficulty."
  Yes, I did live but at what cost?

"Nor does there seem to be any detectable brain damage.  I know there are studies that might tend to refute what I just said but my experience does not support brain injury with hypoglycemia."
   I'm glad you have not see it, but I have lost some of memory. And I have  had abnormal brain scans.

"The body is pretty resilient.  The one young man who was hypoglycemic with unmeasurable blood sugars for 12 hours, just graduated from college with an extremely high grade point average.  I would try to avoid it, but it probably will never hurt you.  Some old stories die hard."

   Yes, thank God; the body is! With the problems I have with DM and my gut not working; I have had far to many low blood sugars. Before I got my pump, I was in ER for 5 1/2 hours trying to get my blood sugar to stay up just so they could send me up to a room.  BUT I AM SORRY BUT IT CAN HURT YOU, maybe the lows of 60 to 40 may not but any lower YES. There is nothing good about going low. Even good things can be bad for you if you do it to much. Maybe for 99% of the diabetic in the world going low is not a problem, but for this 1% (ME) it is a bad thing.

Dr. Joe, the Diabetes Doctor  
    This time I feel Dr. Joe, you got it wrong. But remember YMMV as all thing in life. So.................................


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