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[IP] Hypoglycemic deaths / Was Dr. Joe's e-news

It is reassuring that Dr. Joe and the Yale folks have rarely seen deaths
from *pure* hypoglycemia.  But, unfortunately, hypoglycemia can cause other
things to happen.  A while back, there was a lot of traffic on testing your
sugar before driving.  Certainly, hypoglycemia during driving can cause
traffic accidents that may be fatal.  A childhood friend provided the most
tragic, searing memory for me of hypoglycemia.   She was 17, a good student
and athlete, and had been rather emotionally devastated by her Type 1 DM
diagnosis a few months earlier.  She'd had to quit her sports, and seemed to
have little support for her diabetes.  So, when on Christmas Eve, our
northwest Ohio town received a beautiful snowfall, she decided to take a
walk along a railroad track near her home.  She got hypoglycemic in the
cold, however, and fell into the snow in a ditch alongside the railroad
track.  When she still hadn't returned home a couple of hours later, her
family began looking for her - along the roads and at friend's homes, and
didn't find her.  By the time she was found, her official cause of death was
hypothermia - but it wouldn't have happened without the hypoglycemia.

Monica's death was one of the most frightening things I had to put into
perspective when Jenna was diagnosed.  That, and the portrait of the 11 year
old son of a prominent family in town that hangs in our hospital chapel, who
was one of the dead-in-bed Type 1 kids.

Diabetes is a deadly disease.  Hypoglycemia, while maybe not deadly in the
short run, can sure have deadly consequences.  Please contribute heavily to
find a cure for diabetes.

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, age 11, dx'ed 2/98, pumping since 9/98

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