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Re: [IP] Dr. Joe's e-news for 10/19/00

>A patient a Yale University was recently told that you cannot die from
>hypoglycemia while treating for diabetes.  This seems to be true.
>I would try to avoid it, but it probably will never hurt you.

But what about all the "indirect" ways to die from hypoglycemia? Having
a car (or other vehicle) accident, falling down and cracking your head
open (or falling out of bed and hitting your head on a nightstand which
my husband has done), falling down a flight of stairs. And don't forget
that many people (like my husband) cannot reason well and thus have a
more difficult time understanding dangerous situations when they are low
(ie. wandering into traffic). Even if they don't kill you, they could
still hurt you! Even if we could prove that hypoglycemia itself doesn't
kill, I'm not sure its a good idea to go around giving people the
impression: don't worry about going low, it won't hurt you.
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