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[IP] Need some help

Ashley wrote:
> I have been having trouble with my retinopathy 
> and it is really upsetting me.  

Understandable, believe me...been there, done that, got the t-shirt AND the 
laser AND the vitrectomy so I DO know how you feel.  Ashley, there is nothing 
anyone ELSE can do...You HAVE to take control of this.  You know in your head 
andyour heart that you will feel better MENTALLY and your eyes will behave 
better, if you manage to control those swings, right?  Now don't beat your 
self up aiming for 100-150 all the time!  Aim for 80 - 200 for now and accept 
the occasional high or low without beating yourself up!

Have you tried meditating or writing or massage to help with the stress?  how 
about a nice bubble bath...Try to not le the "stress" of the swings make you 
swing even worse...it can be a vicious cycle, and you just have to grab it by 
the choke chain and make it behave...or give it a good jerk anyway..i know 
sometimes it can feel like it is just ragingly out of control...might just be 
easier to let the whirlpool suck me in and down and under and be done with 
it...but dammit...YOU (I) have to be  the master of the beasties..or they 
WILL master you

>  barely have an appetite, I have irritable bowel, and it is just a mess.

i relate to this also..i have no appetite...Sometimes i have to force myself 
to eat - not cuz of blood sugars or working out, just cuz I know it is the 
right thing to do.  I put things like low fat granola bars, raisins, low fat 
ginger snaps, saltines, etc. in my desk.  Sure it ain't a healthy sandwich 
and a salad, but it is food in the middle of the day.  As for the irritable 
bowel, are you taking the pills (Levbid??) or folllowing any special diet?  
and be SURE you are drinking LOTS of water.

You have yourself all twisted into this little knot..that is feeding 
itself...worried about eyes, worried about sugars, bad eatig habits, nervous 
stomach...all roiling and turning on itself...the exercise ig good, but only 
if it is not causing you more stress!

take one thing at a time and let it go.  take a deep breathe, stop smashing 
your head against the brick wall teeling yourself you are failing.  Take a 
bubble bath and make a grilled cheese sandwich....write a poem about 
something you love to look at..

You have a long row to hoe, compounding hte diabetes with an eatng disorder, 
so it is never gonna be a bed of roses, but keep at it.  Make your target 
range REALISTIC for YOU, not your doctor or what the books say.  You want 
controlled control, to help your eyes stablize...and they will after a period 
of time....

Vent away babe...we will help if we can...or at least put a pillow in front 
of your head before you head into the bricks again!  Don't be scared...take 
charge!  As a recovering anorexic you KNOW you can control your body - Use 
your power and knowledge now - just make sure you do it in a positive way..

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