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[IP] RE: plasma

Faith wrote:
> > every rep told me that meters that test serum/plasma are
> > more accurate and most closely test your blood the way
> > the dr's labs do.

Sara wrote:
> oh phooeeey...meters that claim to provide plasma readings, as
> far as I know,
> are actually simply CALIBRATED to give you a plasma reading.  You
> put whole
> blood on it, it reads the whole blood and then does a little math
> to  give
> you your "plasma" level so the readings you get at home can more closely
> approximate what you get at the doctors.

And as far as I 'm concerned the "plasma meters" are less accurate because
they add approximately 12% to arrive at the reported reading.  The actual
difference may be more or less than 12%.  There's nothing like adding an
arbitrary number to a test with an accuracy that is already +- 20% and then
calling it more accurate.  It was a marketing gimmick to begin with because
patients always, and incorrectly, compared their results against the lab's.
The original offender was able to CLAIM greater accuracy and other meters
followed suit in defense.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 - 1998

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