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[IP] RE: future portable pancreas

Bonnie said,

> > When the next, after the next, generation of pumps and CGMS  arrive, and
> > are in one machine, there should also be a chip with all the  carbs so
we can
> > a) check our bg, b) check the carbs in the meal we are about to eat, c)
> > bolus accordingly.   The pump/cgms/carb file could of course be  added
to and
> > all of the records be downloaded to any palm/computer device.

Then George said,

> Yes!!    A combination Pump and Electronic Scale!   ;>)

With different insulin/carb ratios for different times of the day, when we
eat something we have to stop and think "what time is it" and "what ratio am
I using now."  If we could program all of our ratios into the pump we could
eat and instead of entering a bolus we could enter the carbs and the pump
would know the time and what ratio to use and automatically infuse the
correct insulin dose.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 - 1998

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