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[IP] here chickee chickee

loved your post re chicken or egg...but (SARCASM MODE ON) if we let the 
researchers do their work, then we won't be able to make brilliant deductions 
that NO ONE ELSE HAS ever conceived of before!!!!!!!!! (SARCASM MODE OFF)

LOL.,..personally, i agree with you.  We have to have perspective before we 
jump on some bandwagon and blame our mamas for feeding us cows milk and 
letting us have too many ear infections as toddlers (which, by the way, and 
just to get on the auto immune bandwagon myself, I had tons off both - cows 
milk AND ear infections.  Perhaps they were my "trigger" event from which my 
immune system never quite recovered -   compounded by chicken pox at age 6, 
and intensified by living for two years in Canada (BLAME CANADA), then when I 
was 9, we moved from Canada to New Jersey to Colorado in the space of six 
months, I started two new schools, and my 8 months pregnant mom fell down the 
stairs resulting in my brother being born premature and very ill...I weighed 
about 85 pounnds ... a year and 1/2 later....I weighed 63 pounds and was 
diagnosed with diabetes at a camp physical.  Who can really say?  Type 1 took 
my great aunt the year before insulin was discovered but other than that, 
there is only a few cases of Type 2, so is it heredity?  

Perhaps my ear infection started the breakdown, and complete breakdown  
occured following all those major life changes at age 9....

then again, maybe I caught it from a toilet seat...mama always said not to 
touch them...

Sara SP

When your blood sugar is elevated, your immune system is impaired.  I'm
going to be vague here - but something about how your polymorphonuclear
leukocytes function.  You are more prone to viruses/bacteria/illness
when your blood sugar is elevated.

Case 1:
Your pancreas starts shutting down, unbeknown to you.  You get a whopper
of a virus because your immune system is impaired.  Your blood sugars
rise because of the virus and diabetes makes itself known.

Case 2:
You get a virus that *triggers* the development of diabetes.  You have a
gene, AND a trigger factor.   And the diabetes presents itself.

Which comes first the virus? or the pancreatic shutdown (diabetes)?

By the way... given any large sampling, you could probably find
relationships between eating grilled cheese and getting diabetes. 
Concentrate on the present, and let the researchers do their work ;)
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