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[IP] plasma

Faith wrote
> every rep told me that meters that test serum/plasma are 
> more accurate and most closely test your blood the way 
> the dr's labs do.   

oh phooeeey...meters that claim to provide plasma readings, as far as I know, 
are actually simply CALIBRATED to give you a plasma reading.  You put whole 
blood on it, it reads the whole blood and then does a little math to  give 
you your "plasma" level so the readings you get at home can more closely 
approximate what you get at the doctors.  To actually test plasma, doesn't 
there have to be some kind of separating of blood from plasma?  I don't think 
ANY meter is that high tech..except maybe the QID.  The centrifugal force I 
exert on it as I throw it in my gym bag ought to be sufficient to separate 
the blood not only from the plasma, but the sugar as well.

Could be wrong, but I do think it is just a math trick that gives you a 
"plasma" reading on home blood glucose monitoring meters.

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