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[IP] Basal programs, exercise & sinus infection.

How many different basal programs do you use? I'm currently using 2 one 
pre-menstrual and one post. Is there anybody that does the same? If so how 
do you determine when it is time to switch? I've just had my pump for 1 1/2 

Also is there any other adult that is using only between 15-20 units per 
day? How do you do when you exercise and you are very insulin sensitive? If 
I stop at the grocery store on my way home and get just a few things I go 
low, but if I don't stop my numbers are in the 90-100. How can I adjust for 
this, and what should I do if I would actually do vigorous exercise?

I also have a sinus infection now that has raised my levels to be in the 
150-230. How do you handle this do you just run a temporary basal and what 
criteria do you use to increase the basal?

Newbie pumper Lena

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