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Re: to Notha--Re: [IP] the non-diabetic

> Notha,
> I am reading the book "Psyching Out Diabetes" which I borrowed from our
> library.  It was written by Richard Rubin PH.D. with June Biermann and
> Barbara Toohey.  It is helping me to sort out my own negative feelings
> this wonderful disease.  LOL!

Thanks for the reply, I think I will go and look for the book you  are

My mom has a friend that continually harps that I do not take care of myself
or I would not have "lack of control" or "problems". She beleives if I just
eat right, give the injections that I would be fine....and that I MUST NOT
EAT RIGHT...If she sees me with a coke in a cup...she says, "I HOPE THAT IS
DIET". grrrrr.

She lost a grandbaby to diabetes, age 7, 20 years ago. The doctor were
treating her for the flu, and they gave her liquids for
dehydration....kool-aid, coke etc. It was very sad, and ever since then the
lady thinks she is an authority.

I understand that she is really hung up on diabetes, and probably is also
concerned, but she is driving me nuts. Also...MY FAMILY MEMBERS and this
lady are convinced the reason I am on the pump is because I HAVE REALLY

I have nearly given up trying to tell them. They won't do any research
theirselves and won't listen. I have no patience now.
Thanks again,

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