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[IP] Re: virus causing Type 1

Interesting thread. I was diagnosed at age 10, 3 months after a terrible
flu (which I distinctly remember coming down with the day John Lennon was
shot). The docs asked my Mom if I had any sickness recently, and despite
7 kids, she remembered my flu. They told her the flu caused my beta cells
to get attacked, and that this caused my diabetes. 

Years later I went to an excellent doc in Atlanta, and he asked me about
this flu. But he also asked me about other autoimmune diseases in the
family. My mom had an underactive thyroid in her teens; her mother went
prematurely grey at age 21 (an endocrine gland malfunction, I found out).
He said that obviously the endocrine gland was 'malfunctioning' in the
family gene pool, and I had probably been exhibiting symptoms since age
5, and the flu was the final straw to my poor beta cells. At first I was
really surprised to hear this, but then glad. I remembered that from age
5 until diagnosis I would have what I now recognize as low blood sugars
in the mornings. On my own, I figured out to get food and would feel
better. I never could explain how I was feeling to my parents adequately
enough at the time. At diagnosis, my doctor was really concerned that I
experience a low in the hospital so I would know the symptoms before
leaving. I kept trying to tell him I had experienced them before, but he
told me this was impossible, and no one believed me. It was a relief to
finally have some validation for all this! 

BTW, when I tried to tell my Mom this theory, she closed up. Didn't want
to hear that her side of the family could have 'caused' my disease.
Recently I tried again. Like a good dysfunctional adult :), she acted as
if I hadn't mentioned it before and was more open to it. 

I know this is long, but I have a funny story about the Exactech meter. I
got it in college, and loved its small shape. Took it on our honeymoon as
a backup meter for the beach. My new husband was gathering our stuff up
at the end of the day, and the meter was in a 'webbed' bag with other
beach things. He dumped the whole thing in the water to clean the sand
out of it, before I realized what he was doing! Thank god I had an extra
meter. He felt so awful about it too. 


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