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[IP] Re: Test for type of Diabetes

There are bloodtests to help a doctor determine what type of Diabetes you 
have in addition to symptoms. My latest endo did these on me as I was 
started on type 2 medication by a family doctor and another endo I saw 
continued with this method even though I struggled with keeping good 
control. I did not fit the profile of a type 2. In the end I had 15g of 
carbs/meal and had a bs of 200 after eating. Finally got to a good endo, who 
at first thought I was not watching what I ate, but decided to do the tests 
anyway. My tests showed I'm a slowly developing type 1.

One was a C-peptide test to measure how much insulin I produced. My endo 
told me that if this was low it would show I was a type 1 as a type 2 tended 
to produce a lot of insulin, but would not able to use it. My level was 
right below normal. (sort of inconclusive)

The other tests was to measure the level of antibodies that were attacking 
your pancreas (I think). I can't remember this one too much. Except that if 
you had over a certain level you would be type 1. My level here was very 
high and my endo was suprised that I still produced so much insulin myself.

You might want to ask your endo about doing these tests in addition to using 
the list sent out earlier to determine the type.

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