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RE: [IP] Help!

I noticed that no one suggested the following...so I will.
Which length of Rapid are you using?  They come in varying lengths.  6mm
being the smallest...I think.  If you are using the 8mm then try the 6mm, or
if it is an even bigger rapid such as 10mm go a size down.  Also the
Softsets come in two lengths, 8mm(I think) which is the regular length, and
6mm which is the Micro Length.  If you are using 8mm or 6mm Rapids then the
corresponding Softsets probably won't be much better.  At least that is what
I found.  (8mm Rapid and Softset were painful, 6mm Rapid and MicroSoftset
were ok).  However, I love my Sils/Tenders.

-- Sherry
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