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RE: [IP] Cave Ins

I have only one of the "cave ins".  It came on all of a sudden in a spot
that I've never given a shot in.  When I asked me endo about it, she guessed
that it was probably from shots, but wasn't for sure.  She told me not to
worry about it and that possibly, it would fill back in.  And I have to say
that over the last year, it has filled in a little but not completely.  The
thing I wish would happen is if I could get a "cave in" in the spots that I
need it :)
Lea I
"You think dogs will not be in heaven?  I tell you, they will be there long
before any of us."
-- Robert Louis Stevenson 

SNIP...After awhile she developed what she called "Cave ins" in those areas.
They are 3-4" round dents in her arms and legs.She said back when she was on
pork insulin her Dr. told her to shoot the pork insulin into those spots and
when she did they eventually popped back out.  Since she's been on the pump
she has developed two or three new "cave ins"  not from pump sites but from
where she used to give shots.  Is there anything she can do to get rid of
them? Is she stuck with them or will they eventually go away.....SNIP
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