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[IP] future portable pancreas

SNIP>>>>Darrin Said:  BTW:  I suspose I could d/l a carb index form teh web
and transfer to one
of those palm-tops that has a serial port and PC link.  (Not that i have
the cash for any of that right now - just thinking of the future).<<<<<<SNIP

When the next, after the next, generation of pumps and CGMS arrive, and they
are in one machine, there should also be a chip with all the carbs so we can
a) check our bg, b) check the carbs in the meal we are about to eat, c)
bolus accordingly.   The pump/cgms/carb file could of course be added to and
all of the records be downloaded to any palm/computer device.   I am sure
someone is working on this now....right.   Did we send out list of "what we
want" in to MM and Dis and Animas?   We should do that...as 2600 or so
pumpers we need to tell then what we want.  Right? 

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