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Re: [IP] Type I or Type II test?

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From: Tom Wellman <email @ redacted>
Thanks >Tom-for the information

There's so much I don't know. Now that I am part of this group I will learn
and take more responsibility for my own health.
I'm presently on 8.6u's of insulin per day. Developed this when I was 40-was
told by my MD she's 99% sure it was caused by a virus and if I wanted to be
tested she could do that-I could be wrong but I thought she said the test
would show the virus still in my system-I had to hear that wrong it still
sounds to weird.  However my endo said that the test would make no
difference at all because the treatment would be the same. Prior to my going
on insulin I dropped about 30lbs. and my meter could not register my bs

>I've almost reached the conclusion that there are
> as many types of diabetes as there are diabetics....

 I also had a shock at the time of my mother's death and wonder if this
could have contributed.  I believe there are many different types of
diabetics and many different causes.  I had once read that Type II is
predisposed and Type I is triggered.

However since being sick and taking antibiotics for a inner ear infection
and bronchitis  I've had to lower my insulin requirements and have had many
lows.  I've since heard from a mother of another IP who said her daughter
had the same thing happen to her while on antibiotics. This leads me to
wonder if it would be at all possible to locate the virus in a persons
system and try treating it with antibiotics.  Sound desperate-you bet :of)
Anyways just a thought.

>  Most of these rare types of diabetes are treated the same as T1 and are
> called T1 for simplicity.

(whose simplicity?)

I find it amazing that I was never even hospitalized during this time
everything was dx's in the dr's. office and I did everything at home. No way
do I mean to blast the medical profession-I do think their hands are tied,
their overloaded and afraid to take chances anymore due to the allowances of
some ridiculous lawsuits and today's medical insurances running their
business. I am not stupid enough to think I could survive with out my Dr.  I
just don't think my diabetes was taken seriously enough by the medical
profession I deal with.  Perhaps it has to do with denial on my part. (I am
bullheaded-which is something else I learned about myself from having

When I was young and naive I always thought the doctors would work on their
patients like crazy to find a cure-today I feel like a number.

Take Care-Enjoy Your Day!
Carol Teal
Hartland, MI

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