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to Notha--Re: [IP] the non-diabetic


I am reading the book "Psyching Out Diabetes" which I borrowed from our local 
library.  It was written by Richard Rubin PH.D. with June Biermann and 
Barbara Toohey.  It is helping me to sort out my own negative feelings about 
this wonderful disease.  LOL!

I think the next time one of my wonderful family members tells me that "if 
you only would do what you are supposed to do..." I think I am going to 
explain to them "I know your intentions are meant to be positive but several 
months (or years) ago (depending upon how long you have been on MDI or the 
pump) I decided to become proactive with my control and take responsibility 
for my health.  Current research states that although excellent control can 
be extremely difficult to achieve it is not impossible if the proper tools 
are used correctly.  The pump and my blood glucose monitor are my tools and 
my doctor says I am doing a good job.  In the past comments similar to yours 
would make my life harder, not easier.  I would be glad to take you to a 
diabetes seminar or support group if you would like to help me with my 
control and become educated about how diabetes education and control has 
changed since 1983."

I think this may make a few of my brothers and sisters (I am one of 7) think 
before they speak up.  I would hope this would make them become educated 
about diabetes in the 1990's (Oh my, we are in the year 2000 aren't we?).  

Now if I can convince myself to stay positive!!

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