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Re: [IP] cause for type 1

Melissa Howell wrote:
> Oddly enough, I was diagnosed about 10 days after recovering from the flu.
> In the ER that night, with a BG of 978,  I remember them telling my mom that
> "the flu had triggered my pancreas to stop producing insulin and if I had
> not had the flu then I might not have developed diabetes until later on in
> life when it would be easier to treat as a Type 2."

Seems idiotic from today's perspective.

But maybe you were diagnosed quite a while ago, before they figured out
that Type 1 and Type 2 were different diseases. They did know that Type
2 in later life is not as immediately life-threatening, nor as dramatic
as Type 1 in childhood, but they didn't know what the cause for either
type was, and they still lumped them together. 

They also didn't know that the failure of the beta cells was gradual, so
it seemed like the precipitating illness was the CAUSE -- post hoc, ergo
propter hoc fallacy!

Sometimes we lose sight of how much HAS been learned about diabetes in
the last 10 - 15 years! 

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