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[IP] which came first the chicken?

Or the egg?

When your blood sugar is elevated, your immune system is impaired.  I'm
going to be vague here - but something about how your polymorphonuclear
leukocytes function.  You are more prone to viruses/bacteria/illness
when your blood sugar is elevated.

Case 1:
Your pancreas starts shutting down, unbeknown to you.  You get a whopper
of a virus because your immune system is impaired.  Your blood sugars
rise because of the virus and diabetes makes itself known.

Case 2:
You get a virus that *triggers* the development of diabetes.  You have a
gene, AND a trigger factor.   And the diabetes presents itself.

Which comes first the virus? or the pancreatic shutdown (diabetes)?

By the way... given any large sampling, you could probably find
relationships between eating grilled cheese and getting diabetes. 
Concentrate on the present, and let the researchers do their work ;)

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