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Re: [IP] qid

THANKS for the info Laura!  I will be calling them tomorrow...If I can have 
one of the old style Exactech meters with those old strips, even if they did 
need a vein load of blood...I will take it!  I NEVER got ERR messages, and it 
was the ONLY meter I used for the first 4 years of pumping!!!  WOuld love to 
have less hassle on the gym floor, though I still prefer the profile for 
regular use, with all its other functions.  I mean it is hard enough ignoring 
the head shakes and outraged eyes when I poke holes in my fingers and EAT on 
the training floor, let alone deal with ERR messages when your bg is 
dropping!!!  Tonight a woman made some comment about the machines being 
sticky from people eating...after she saw me pop some smarties... and I 
WANTED to say, "how about you mind your own business and then I promise won't 
keel over on you and twitch and get  you all sweaty from my resulting hypo 
from NOT eating...." but I didn't...i just licked my fingers extra careful...

by the way, I NEVER get anything STICKY...if I am eating on the gym floor, it 
is cuz i NEED it, and no way am I gonna waste ANYTHING on the machine...

Sara SP...
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