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[IP] difficult weekend

Hi all!
I just nd tovent a little. It has been a rough 5 days. My levels started to 
climb last Wed. Thought it was the usual monthly climb so did not pay too 
much attention. Well, Thursday night my oldest stepped on my right big toe 
and I screamed. There was a very large, pus filled area on side of my toe 
nail. Well, found my reason for sugars going up. Saw DR at walk in clinic on 
Friday. Given medsand told to see podiatrist today(Tues). (getting meds from 
pharmacy is another story i.e. given wrong dose, etc.) Well, by Sat afternoon 
it looked like we were hospital bound. I had doubled my basal rate (during 
day I run at 1.5, then was at 3), changed my site 3 times, gave bolus and 
still my levels stayed between 350 and 450 no matter what I did. Ketones were 
small so we did not go in. finally got the levels under 300 on Sunday and in 
the 200s today and yesterday. Still running a high basal rate (2 units HR 
during day and 2.5 over night). Saw foot DR today (must have a first time for 
everything w this disease).He fully understood the pump and what this 
infection was doing to me. Anyway, infection has not spread the bone (thank 
you very much). It has been drained and cleaned and now I have a fashionable 
boot to wear for the next few days. Sugars are still not normal, but ketones 
are down to trace. I can say onething, if this happened a year ago before I 
got the pump, I would have been hospitalized for a few days by now. With the 
pump, I have managed toprevent this from happening. Have tocallendo tomorrow, 
if still some ketones she wants a blood level done. 
Sorry to vent like this, but there were moments the past few days that I 
wanted totake the pumpand the meter and shoot them the moon!
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