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Re: [IP] qid

>Anyway, I loved the QID, when it was the Exactech (anyone else ever have that 
>awesome BLACK credit card size meter?)  Then the company got bought out and 
>the strip changed.

Hey Sara, they apparently still make that old black meter and those old
strips...  Shane had an old black Exactech pen style meter which didn't
really work anymore. So I called them and asked for a new one (which I
knew would be a Precision Pen) which they said they would gladly do.
Then they sent me one of those black credit card meters. I was a little
perturbed because they just sent the meter. No case, no strips, no
instructions, no nothing. So I called them back and explained that we
did not want the credit card meter, we wanted a pen. She then went
through this whole thing about why would we a want the pen when it used
Precision strips instead of the Exactech strips that the old pen had
used... Anyway, we eventually got the pen that Shane wanted, but
apparently if you want one, they've still got the black credit card
meters, and they claim to still have the old style test strips (although
I have never seen them at the pharmacy).
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