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[IP] Insensitive things people say

Congrats on the bus situation!

On 17 Oct 2000, at 11:55, Nita H. wrote:
> Anyway, Got through this one...now if only my mother were as knowledgeable
> as these kids also in diabetes, I would have it made.  Quote from her..."I'm
> too old to learn about all this diabetes stuff."  Sure doesn't stop her from
> running her mouth to others acting like an expert!  Calls her pump her
> meter, panics if her blood sugar is less than 150, insists chocolate brings
> up a low as fast as juice or gluco tabs....goes on and on.

When I told my mom that I'd finally been diagnosed as T1 and was 
put on insulin, her reply was something to the effect of "Oh good! 
Now you can put this business behind you and get on with life."


I know she gets impatient and bored with medical stuff but still...

I sent back a description of my first bad hypo.  My husband and I 
run a janitorial service.  We clean buildings when employees are 
out sick or request the day off.  One night, I was in a very remote 
area, large building.  Midnight.  No one around for miles and miles.  
I'd been on insulin for just a week, I think.  I locked myself out of 
my car with my glucose tablets and monitor inside it.  Then I 
suddenly went hypo.  I was fortunate that I had the building keys in 
my hand.  I called my husband and told him to get out there 
ASAP.  By the time he arrived, I was in utter misery.  First thing he 
did was sprint to the back of the warehouse to get a Pepsi from the 
machine.  I drank the whole thing before I could function.  THEN we 
managed to get my car unlocked.  By then my BG had risen so I 
have no idea how low I got, but I've only gone that miserably low 
once since then (and it was in the upper 40s that 2nd time).  

So, mom..... what would have happened if I hadn't had the building 
keys and so could call hubby... and could my liver have kept up 
with that insulin?  We don't know.

She retracted her statement.

(and I don't lock my car at all anymore and I carry tablets in my 

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