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RE: [IP] cause for type 1

On 17 Oct 2000, at 11:02, Liz Davis wrote:

> Remember not to confuse correlation with causality, Lea.  Just because you 
> had a virus before diagnosis does not mean the virus caused the 
> diabetes.  You could very well have been an undiagnosed diabetic before you 
> caught the virus.  It's possible that the virus just caused your (already 
> high) blood sugars to sky rocket.

yes, this is more or less what happened to me.

After a bad bad cold that put me in ER one night, the thirst became 
intense and that's what got me in to see the doc again a couple 
months later.

Tracing backwards, I'd had other symptoms for somewhere 
between 2-5 years before that I didn't know were associated with 
diabetes.  Several years of recurring UTIs & yeast infections, 
weight loss, gradually blurring vision, a bit of reactive 
hypoglycemia, fatigue, depression-like symptoms that didn't 
respond to meds like it had so many years before.

I've since wondered if my adventures with a fixator (pins in my 
broken arm to hold the healing bone in the right position) triggered 
some kind of autoimmune response.  That's just speculation.  Cuz 
I feel compelled to figure out "what I did wrong".  And yeah, I know 
that's silly.  It's just a variation on the "why me?" stage.

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