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[IP] Exercise-basal rate changes-carbs

When one exercises does one then go through the basal profile and replace 
each level with a lower one? Or does one decrease only some of the 24 hour 
profile? I don't mean the pre-exercise insulin but rather the post-exercise 
insulin. So far I've needed only to change my 9pm to 6am basal rates. 
Although I may be making up for daytime rates with more food/lower bolus? 
Then if I don't exercise for three days I have to bring the basal rate back 
up. I'm talking here about 0.3 to 0.5/hr. at night. Should I decrease all the 
basal rates the same amount or is night time especially affected by exercise? 
Also is that three days without exercise a predictable time span and/or could 
I expect the rate to creep back up even if exercise continues?

I've just read part of "The Glucose Revolution". It told me I should eat 2000 
grams of carbo to replenish the glucose in my muscles and liver. I guess I've 
been glucose starved with less than 500. It says to eat glucose within 1/2 
hour of exercising to stimulate insulin production as it is the insulin that 
stores the glucose in the muscles and liver.

I appreciate advice. Exercise is new to me as I found it unmanageable with 
shots and didn't need to gain weight. I never tried changing long acting 
insulin after exercise. 
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