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Re: [IP] fake pump in packaging

On 17 Oct 00, at 13:58, J Hughey wrote:

> Barb (Erica's mom) wrote:
> > Maybe the pump companies should put a little cardboard cutout pump
> > inside the box of information they send out 

> I assembled a *fake pump* by rubber banding a 3/4" stack of business cards
> together - same size. Even if the pump companies would suggest doing that
> would help people know right off the bat of the actual size - at least of
> the MiniMed 507C and I *think* the 508 is that size, too.

OK Jan, George the Printer talking here, and a stock business card 
measures 2 x 3.5 inches.  The Disetronic Htron measures 2.125 x 
3.375 inches by 70 business cards printed on 80# Cover stock.  A 
pretty close comparison even by printers measures.  Shall I translate 
that into picas and points, or will our typesetting readers need that in 
agate?      ;>)


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