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[IP] qid

canuck wrote
> has anyone used the QID for an extended period. What 
> do you think of it and it's lancing device? I'm having a problem 
> with the strips and getting some error messages but I'm sure 
> I would adapt after a little more use.

well i have written about it before, and I HATE IT!!! the meter that is.  I 
use the same lancing device with it as I use with my profile and have no 
problem with it...just cuz they COME together doesn't mean you HAVE to use 
it...tee hee...I have a drawer full of unused ones...

Anyway, I loved the QID, when it was the Exactech (anyone else ever have that 
awesome BLACK credit card size meter?)  Then the company got bought out and 
the strip changed.  They purport that it now needs LESS blood.  this has not 
been my experience.  I STILL get error messages, and I have used this meter 
for YEARS. I KNOW how to get a hanging drop of blood, which THEY say is more 
than you need, but when I only get a tiny drop...it just says ERR or it never 
gets to the --- and countdown..i have to squeeze my poor finger to get more 
blood...and THEN it counts down, if it doesnt go to ERR

I only use the QID as my gym meter since even though it is a pain in the A**, 
it is still small and quick.  I take it to the training floor with me, as the 
profile (my normal meter) is big and takes so long.  I also take the QID to 
the doctor when I dont want him to download my meter...

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