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[IP] Didn't know you were diabetic

Notha wrote:
>  think this all goes back to people just thinking "take your 
>  medicine, don't eat sugar...and you run smooth as silk, and 
>  you won't have any trouble".....comments from the "public" 
>  about diabetics with complications....."they did not take care 
>  of themselves, they ate sugar"

Yeah...and a few articles like they do in NEWSWEEK, and a web site like the 
ADA one that doesn't have ANY information on TYPE 1 diabetes and John Q. 
Public will remain clueless!  I got one of those annoying banner ads at the 
gym while I was on the exercise bike (hooked up to internet of 
clicked it...and answered the questions regarding height, weight, exercise 
level, family history and size of babies I have never had...My score was 1 
out of  7 and, therefore, I "am not at risk," according to this "test" for 
developing diabetes...ROTFLMAO..can someone notify my doctor!?!?!?

What pissedme off was that the site and the test did not even MENTION that 
there is a DIFFERENCE in diabeteseses (what is the plural of diabetes....).  
I scanned the rest of the site very crursorily...NOTHING on the first page 
indicates that all the links, all the articles, everything on this site is 
related to ONE kind of diabetes.  Not that I take anything AWAY from TYpe II 
diabetics, but J.Q. Public NEEDS to know there is more than ONE kind of 
diabetes!!!  Fat people who dont exercise and eat too much sugar are NOT the 
only people to develop diabetes, just as attractive gay men with a propensity 
towards unsafe sex are NOT the only people to develop AIDS!  I am sick of 
stereotypes...for ALL diseases!!  STAND UP - Why can't we be as loud and 
abnoxious as those OTHER groups!!!  If we don't ripple the water we dont make 

Sara SP
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